Saudi Industrial Exports Company (SIEC) invites its shareholders to attend the AGM (29th) (Second Meeting)

The Board of Directors of the Saudi Industrial Exports Company invites shareholders to attend the Ordinary General Meeting (29th) for a second time to be held at the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh Chamber of Commerce at 06: 30 pm on 29-08-1438H corresponding to 25-05-2017 to discuss the following agenda:1. To vote on the report of the Board of Directors for the year ended 31/12/20162. Vote on the report of the auditor of the company for the year ended 31/12/2016.3.The voting on the consolidated financial statements for the year ended 31/12/2016.4.To vote on the discharge of the members of the Board of Directors for their responsibility for the company's work for the period ended 31 December 2016.5. Vote on the selection of the auditor nominated by the Audit Committee to examine, review and audit the company's financial statements, quarterly and balance sheet data for the year 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, and determine the fees.Shareholders are entitled to attend the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders registered in the Company's register of shareholders at the Securities Depository Center at the end of the trading session preceding the General Assembly meeting and according to the regulations and regulations. Each shareholder has the right to appoint another person who is not a member of the Board of Directors or Company employees A technical or administrative work for her account to represent him in the meeting with the need to ratify the power of attorney from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or from a licensed bank or authorized persons or notaries or persons authorized to do the documentation and to send a copy of the power of attorney to the company before the Jam At least two days at the following address: (Saudi Industrial Exports Company - Riyadh - Prince Mousaed Bin Abdul Aziz Bin Jalawi Street - Al-Dhabab previously) - or to bring the original of the power of attorney on the day of the meeting of the association with a copy of the ID card and the commercial register with the power of attorney..For inquiries, please call 0114058080 ext. (116), fax / 0114022854, PO Box 21977, Riyadh 11485The meeting shall be valid by a percentage of the attendees from the shareholders. Each shareholder shall have the right to attend the Ordinary General Meeting,It will also be possible for shareholders to vote on the items of the Assembly meeting remotely from 10 am on Sunday, 25/08 / 1438H corresponding to 21/05/2017 and until 4 pm on Thursday 29/08/1438 H corresponding to 25/05/1438 AH, 2017 through the electronic voting service by visiting the website of my transactions Note that registration in the services of my trading and voting is available free of charge to all shareholders. (Attached to the power of attorney)