Saudi Industrial Export invite shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (Sixth) ( the first meeting )

Board of Saudi Industrial Export Administration invites shareholders to attend Extraordinary General Meeting EGM (VI) to be held by the will of God in a meeting room building Riyadh Chamber of Commerce at 6:30 pm Monday on 07-06-1438 approved 06-03 -2017, to discuss the following agenda:
First: the approval of the amendment to the Statute of the company in accordance with the system of new companies (as below).
Note that it is necessary for the holders of this Assembly to attend a number of shareholders representing 50% of the capital, and each shareholder the right to attend the meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly, and please shareholders who can not attend on time and want to hire others to send a copy of the agencies the necessary certified by Notary or the Chamber of Commerce or from a bank or authorized persons, to the following address (the Saudi Industrial export Company - Riyadh - Prince Assistant bin Abdul Aziz bin Galloway Street - Al-dbab previously -) before the date of the Assembly at least two days knowing that the agent must be other than members of the board or the company's employees or taxpayers to do permanently technician or administrative action for its own account with the need to bring the shareholders for the meeting (in person or agency) their identity cards and the original deed, and for any queries, please call Tel / 0114058080 ext 116, Fax / 0114022854, PO Box 21977, Riyadh 11485