Saudi Industrial Export Company Announces (exports) to keep pace on the stages of the transition to international accounting standards (Phase III)

With reference to the advertising company on the trading site and the date on 30-08-2016 27-10-2016 regarding the disclosure of the stages keep up with the company for the transition to international accounting standards the company wishes to clarify the following:
1. have been received and discuss the gaps resulting from the transition to international standards of financial reporting by the consultant analysis report.
2. Work is underway currently hiring an actuary certified by the Office of International Accounting Standard No. 19 and the requirements of your employee benefits.
3. Being equipped to discuss the chartered accountant of the company with the consultant on the implications and estimates and disclosures required by the international standard requirements for financial reporting and disclosure will be on the financial impact that was found later.
4. are currently working in the discussion and preparation of financial statements and the impact of the transition to international standards on the opening balances for the first quarter 01.01.2016 till is prepared comparative interim financial statements ending numbers in 31/3/2017.
5. There are no obstacles that may affect the company's ability to prepare financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards.
6. do not see any obstacles to the company's management about the readiness to prepare interim financial statements for the first quarter of 2017 in the statutory period.